Born again Christians want to enjoy time together as was described in the Bible. The first Church members got together almost every day. We believe that whenever “two or three meet in the name of Christ”, our Lord Jesus Christ is with them in such union.

A Christian cannot live alone without connection and unity with other Christians because this kind of self-sufficient life is not what we read about in the Bible. In today’s world, we spend most of our days working, occupied with secular worries that take up most of our time. If we are New Testament Christians then All Mighty God should be the priority in our lives. How can we implement this Biblical belief with the contemporary living?

We believe that the Christian community is of great use and importance. Apart from our regular weekly Church study gatherings and Sunday service, we believe in a higher form of union. Twice a year – once in the spring and once in the summer – our service organizes what we call “Church Camps”.

At these camps, the members of The Churches of Christ gather with other Christian denominations as well as friends who would like to take part in our union. Usually, our camps last a week. We organize daily prayer sessions, spiritual seminars, small group studies, and activities for children.

All of this encompasses our life together which contributes to mutual growth and encouragement. Every camp we organize is unique as we always bring a new preacher who serves through the service of the Word.

3 main gatherings annually