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For a long period of time we were producing Christian programs for many Croatian radio stations, and from the year 2018 we started to produce and broadcast our TV program. Every week we are broadcasting our own Christian TV production that is 15 minutes long and right now we are broadcasting our first film series that we called “The story of Grace”. The whole season has 52 episodes in which we are promoting ministers from local churches we are working closely with. We believe that our TV broadcast is raising the quality of television programs on local TV stations.

In this calendar year we are filming our new video series and we will broadcast it in the fall of 2021.

Here is the schedule of the local television air times:

TV Monday Tuesday Wendsday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
MREŽA TV – ZAGREB 19:30 Prem 19:30 Rep 19:30 Rep
MREŽA TV – SPLIT 19:30 Prem 19:45 Rep 19:45 Rep
VARAŽDINSKA TELEVIZIJA 10:45 Rep 14:45 Prem 11:00 Rep oko 10:00 i 17:00 Rep
KANAL RI 20:10 Rep 15:30 Prem
DIADORA TV 19:55 Prem 19:00 Repriza
LIBERTAS TV 09:30 Prem
PLAVA VINKOVAČKA VINKOVCI 13:00 Prem 15:10 Rep 10:15 Rep
PLAVA TELEVIZIJA VIROVITICA 14:45 Rep 10:10 Rep 11:45 Prem